Scoping study for NDC implementation in Morocco through green investments by private sector

Climate change constitutes a challenge to Morocco’s sustainable development and economic growth. To face these challenges, the government submitted its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) to the UNFCCC in 2015.

To limit greenhouse gas emissions, improve resilience in the population, and implement the NDC target, the country will need substantial financial support. This support depends on the availability of climate funding from the international community for both public and private sector investment in green projects.

ACS partnered with Stantec on a scoping study to encourage the private sector to support the country in bridging the financial gap. The study identifies the challenges and opportunities and provides recommendations for achieving Morocco’s NDC through private sector green investments. It focuses on the following key sectors: Climate Smart Agri-business and Forestry; Transport and Infrastructure; Green Building and Smart Cities; Renewable Energy; Waste Management; Water and Irrigation; and Financial Sector.

Link to the study:

Client: African Development Bank (AfDB)

  • Duration: 2020-2021


  • Presented an overview of Morocco’s context, its institutional and strategic framework in terms of climate change, and the status of its NDC implementation;
  • Presented the private sector landscape and the available climate funds for the country;
  • Identified climate-friendly opportunities in the 7 key sectors targeted for the study;
  • Identified 20 climate-friendly private sector projects that require financing support;
  • Assessed the challenges associated with the NDC implementation and proposed recommendations to overcome them.