Technical assistance to Bank of Africa London to invest in a rural electrification project in Cameroon

Around 1.3 billion people in the world lack access to electricity, the majority of whom live in remote regions where long distances and high costs make connecting to the public grid unfeasible. In Cameroon, which has a rural electrification rate of less than 30%, energy access is directly linked to and a necessary factor for local economic development.

This study is part of a project launched by the Cameroonian government in 2017 to electrify 1,000 rural localities by solar photovoltaic systems, initiated following the observations of public authorities of the insufficient access to electricity in Cameroon.

ACS provided technical expertise to Bank of Africa London to assess the technical and financial feasibility of implementing the project and the associated risks.

Client: BoA London

  • Duration: 2019


  • Identified the technical implementation options for the construction of solar mini grids in the localities concerned by the program;
  • Evaluated the investment costs for implementation of the mini grids;
  • Assessed the constraints of investment and the associated risks.