Wastewater management

Water is the most precious resource on earth and with a growing world population access to clean water is becoming more and more difficult for vulnerable populations worldwide.  With rising global temperatures, many areas face water scarcity and hydric stress. At ACS we support our clients in optimizing their water consumption, in assessing and designing waste-water treatment facilities, and in finding innovative ways to produce and use water.

Case Studies

Technical assistance for the elaboration of a financing line (Blue Line) dedicated to water projects for the BMCE Bank Of Africa

The “blue line” is a 20-million-euro financing program launched by BMCE BOA in collaboration with the French Development Agency “”AFD”” and the European Investment Bank “”EIB””, in the form of a bank loan. This financing program is intended to finance desalination, pre-treatment and wastewater treatment projects or the reuse of treated wastewater. In addition to financing, this program offers free technical assistance (managed by ACS) and an interest rate subsidy.Since 2018, ACS has provided the technical assistance of this program and is responsible of analyzing the water treatment market in Morocco and identifying the sectors responsible for water pollution; developing a pipeline of projects in the water sector for the program; assisting and advising the bank’s clients in the choice of adapted treatment technologies; studying the compliance of projects with water and environmental regulations, as well as assisting clients in the implementation of their projects.

Client : BMCE Bank Of Africa