Climate Finance

The financial sector has a major role to play in the energy and climate transition. This requires revisiting the traditional allocation of financing to support sectors that can decarbonize the economy and enabling high-emitting sectors to reduce their carbon footprint.  ACS is uniquely positioned in this field as technical advisors to accompany financial institutions in the design of sustainable financing programs and in identifying targets per sector.  Our experts have supported many programs in the MENA region, from the evaluation of low-carbon technologies to project assessment.  In addition, we provide marketing consulting to support the financial institutions in reaching out to potential beneficiaries through planning events, developing marketing tools and attending high-profile conferences.


  • GCF accreditation support
  • Concept note for GCF funding
  • Emissions trading strategies
  • Carbon offset project development
  • Investment analysis
  • Climate investment planning and financing NDC implementation

  • Technical assistance for financing facilities and programs
  • Support for banks and financial institutions
  • Fund raising and bankable feasibility studies

  • Capacity building and strengthening national institutions to access climate finance
  • Tracking and evaluating climate finance flows
  • Set up of financing mechanisms
  • Developing market and financial institution capacity
  • Support in funding proposal development