Energy is at the heart of ACS’s business and projects.  We support governments in reducing their dependence on fossil fuels by replacing them by clean alternatives and enable the private sector to select the most efficient solution to reduce their energy bill and transition to low-carbon technologies.

Renewable Energy: Energy transition to low-carbon technologies is one of the focal points of the international initiatives to reduce GHG emissions and reach carbon neutrality.  In Morocco, this is highlighted by a national push towards the implementation of large-scale solar and wind projects.  More recently, the government has shown interest in R&D in this sector as well as including different clean energy technologies with energy sources such as hydrogen and biomass into the mix.

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is our priority as it is the first step in the transition to a low-carbon economy.  Many of our clients are eager to apply energy efficiency measures as we propose the most cost-effective investments that have the shortest payback period.


  • Design of solar energy projects
  • Renewable energy technology assessment
  • Energy storage technologies
  • Energy demand analysis
  • PPA design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Smart grid transition
  • Energy Policy / Regulatory review