Technical assistance for “Cap Bleu,” a financing facility dedicated to water projects

“Cap Bleu” is a €20 million financing program launched by Bank of Africa (BoA) in collaboration with the French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB). It is intended to finance desalination, pre-treatment, and wastewater treatment projects, and the reuse of treated wastewater. In addition to financing, the program offers free technical assistance managed by ACS and an interest rate subsidy.

Since 2018, ACS has supported BoA in conducting market analysis to identify and quantify the potential for industrial wastewater treatment and structuring the technical aspects of the financing facility (such as eligibility criteria definition) and early stages of pipeline development. Following the facility’s launch, ACS continues to support BoA through technical assistance in project evaluation, biannual reports to AFD, and client assistance in project implementation.

Client: Bank of Africa (BoA)

  • Duration: 2018-Ongoing


  • Provided project management and monitoring services;
  • Developed an operational manual;
  • Worked in cooperation with BOA’s marketing team to create appropriate marketing campaigns and communication tools;
  • Created a platform for the management of the facility:
  • Provided capacity-building services in the water sector;
  • Established feasibility study of selected projects;
  • Supported the bank in project monitoring and reporting to donors;
  • Established a monitoring and reporting system for social and environmental indicators.